The evolution of the NEC suite of contracts over the past three decades reflects continuous improvement to respond to users’ needs. Its adoption across locations and sectors has also grown considerably. Since the Development Bureau first piloted NEC in 2009, more than 500 public works contracts have been awarded worth over HK$270 billion (£27 billion). Across the wider Asia Pacific market, we have been engaging with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore to increase understanding of the benefits of NEC. In Australia, there has been increasing interest in collaborative contracting and we are working with both public and private sector clients to build a strong base of knowledge to support adoption of NEC. The popularity of NEC in Latin America is also increasing, particularly in Peru. We are looking forward to working closely with the Peruvian government and industry on furthering their NEC journey. Read more: #AsiaPacific #LatinAmerica

Posted by Hawa S at 2024-03-14 07:00:00 UTC