Learn the skills necessary to be able to fulfil the role of a Service Manager with the NEC4 TSC Service Manager Accreditation course on 2 February 2024, in Hong Kong. The course includes: - Advanced online learning and assessment before the classroom learning to refresh and develop your knowledge and understanding of the role of the Service Manager, and increase the learning benefit of the course - Case studies and scenario planning which you will work through as a group, sharing ideas and experiences - Online and written assessments to confirm your attainment of the skills, knowledge and expertise required and expected of an accredited NEC4 TSC Service Manager Book now: https://www.neccontract.com/products/training/nec4-tsc-service-manager-accreditation #NEC4 #HongKong #servicemanager #procurement

Posted by NEC Contracts at 2024-01-18 06:15:00 UTC