Modern methods of construction are increasingly being adopted in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government used NEC to procure its first concrete high-rise building project using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The Fire Services Department quarters at Pak Shing Kok in Tseung Kwan O were built from 3,726 reinforced concrete modules manufactured offsite with over 80% of their internal finishes already completed. The pilot project was part of the Hong Kong government’s plan to encourage adoption of MMC in both public and private sector projects to improve productivity and in cost-effectiveness. MMC had reduced construction time by 30−50%, saved construction costs by about 10% and improved quality, sustainability and safety. There are now more than 60 projects adopting MMC in Hong Kong. #modularconstruction #modulardesign #offsiteconstruction #mmc #modular

Posted by Panumas from NEC Contracts at 2023-10-18 11:00:00 UTC