On the back of a recent poll in the Australia Forum on the impact of collaborative contracting on personal well being, that is so important in the construction industry, I put the following to you for your thoughts: Collaborative contracting can contribute to improved personal wellbeing in a number of ways: 1. By establishing clear expectations and boundaries between parties, that in turn reduces stress and anxiety caused by ambiguity and uncertainty, as exists in transactional contracts; 2. By promoting open communication and trust between parties, leads to a more supportive and positive work environment than that which exists in the transactional environment; 3. It encourages a focus on long term relationships and outcomes, rather than short term gains based on vested self interest, that can help foster a sense of purpose and meaning in work. There is a poll in the Australia Forum, please pop across and vote.

Posted by Mike Ford at 2023-05-30 03:39:53 UTC