Happy World Water Day! The NEC contract suite has been utilised in a variety of projects across the water sector to help improve water supply, sewerage and flood alleviation. Read about some of our projects involving water around the world. - Sydney Water's Partnering for Success (P4S) in Australia: https://www.neccontract.com/projects/partnering-for-success-p4s-sydney-water-australia - United Utilities' Morecambe catchment strategy in North West England, UK: https://www.neccontract.com/projects/morecambe-catchment-strategy-uk - Watercare Services’ Hunua 4 Water scheme in New Zealand: https://www.neccontract.com/projects/hunua-4-water-main-new-zealand - Drainage Services Department's (DSD) West Kowloon drainage improvement in Hong Kong: https://www.neccontract.com/projects/West-Kowloon-Drainage-Improvement-Hong-Kong #worldwaterday #Australia #UK #NewZealand #HongKong

Posted by Hawa S at 2023-03-22 12:29:15 UTC