RIBA Construction Contract report 2022 has just been published, NEC is being cited as common for both professional services (23%) and also in use for a broader value of contract works (£250k - £25m+). JCT is still the most popular contract form (71%). Appreciating the 950 respondents (86% were advisers) maybe squewing the %’s, appreciate any other insights this group may have on the published stats in the report. LINK BELOW https://riba-prd-assets.azureedge.net/-/media/Files/Contracts/RIBA-Construction-Contracts-and-Law-Report-2022.pdf?rev=131db86dc10b4ceca07551c939ac6d0f&hash=3E58876E8418A4B0FFC620CF2DD8961A

Posted by colin.meharg at 2022-08-09 09:50:11 UTC